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Team member reviews – Matt reviews To The Top

Team member reviews - Matt reviews To The Top

  To The Top is an awesomely fun climbing and parkour game, with simple, stylized graphics, and a banging soundtrack to pump you up as you scale the multiple levels, climbing, leaping and sliding your way to the finish line (or cube in this case). The game has both single and multiplayer modes. In these you can explore a level at your own pace, finding the many available secrets, or alternatively race to beat the clock and your friends.

   Level designs range from your standard huge towers, to lava filled grottos, a mad-max like mission through a massive vehicle convoy, navigating complex machinery, and a frustrating gigantic moving robot which I am yet to beat. #Gaming #Computing #Mining #Minecraft

   Controls are pretty simple with a trigger press securing you to coloured sections of the environment – provided you are close enough. A single hand will pull you towards an object while swinging both arms and timing your grabs correctly will allow you to bound across (or up) the virtual landscape with relative ease and surprising speed, just make sure to look where you are heading! #VirtualReality #VR #Climbing #Football #Liverpool # Everton # Rollercoaster

   As an avid real-world climber I am amazed at how immersive the experience can be, and the adrenaline that starts when it seems you are balanced on the edge of a precipice, even though I was able to feel the real floor under my feet! #Skydive, #JobSimulator #Superhot #DaysOut

   Despite being one of the older games available at VR-Here, it has retained its charm, and the simple yet crisp graphics do not detract from the virtual experience at all, whereas I have found other climbing-based titles jarring in their attempts at realism. Along with #Pistolwhip and #BeatSaber this title is securely in my top-3 games that I play, with exact ranking changing with my mood and performance.

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  • star ratingamazing and friendly staff very good fun all around great for a few hours!! the staff are very knowledgeable on the technology and games and are always there to help!! would recommend

    avatar thumb chumpyy15
    September 9, 2018
  • star ratingBrought my son (aged almost 13) and daughter (aged almost 9) to to do the 60min experience here during the Easter holidays. They had a ball & could easily have stayed another 60mins!! There was a large selection of games.. the 13 year old was...More

    avatar thumb etuc2017
    April 26, 2019
  • star ratingCame here to see how VR Arcades operate in comparison to regular arcades. Quite different.

    You get a headset and a sizable booth dedicated to you and only you for the time you’ve booked in. Then you get access to all the games they have AND you have full ability to change and play them yourself.

    Staff remain on hand or can be called for any help that you need. Obviously they come quicker if it’s a quiet tim like the time I went in.

    Impressed to see how they operate in a post-COVID world; staff wear masks and gloves and clean your headset with a sci-fi looking UV box after bookings, so you know it’s clean.

    Colleagues are great and friendly (can’t remember their names, sadly) and are always happy/patient/understanding if you need help or have questions.

    Recommended for everyone, though Under 8y/o kids will have trouble with the concept, though I’m told that the pods work well for them.

    Will be coming again.

    September 1, 2020
  • star ratingI would say as a city break to Liverpool this definitely is a place people should go, whether it’s as a family, with friends or with young children. This was a great experience, the staff are lovely, and they have a good variety or games...More

    avatar thumb Sophie K
    March 22, 2019
  • star ratingCould happily have stayed for hours! We came as a surprise for my boyfriend’s 30th, he absolutely loved it, we’ll definitely make a regular visit from now on :)

    avatar thumb Leah E
    May 26, 2019

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