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Half Life Alyx – “do this masterpiece a justice” offer!

Do you want to dive in and explore amazing Half-Life world created by Valve?

Half-Life Alyx is a game widely acclaimed as the best virtual reality experience ever made.

Now its available at VR-Here, and we have a special offer for those of you want to savour it as it was meant to be.

For £150 you will get you 15 one-hourly slots to complete this VR adventure. You are only allowed to play Alyx, and apart from initial orientation you will be left undisturbed so that you can immerse yourself fully.

This will let you immerse yourself fully as average playthrough for this epic is 14 hours.

We will also provide top of the range GPU’s such as 1080 and higher models.

And the cherry on top? You will play it on the best VR headset and controllers that Alex can be played at.

You will be provided with Valve Index with Knuckle controllers for full finger tracking.

Book this custom offer by calling us on 01515 286 486 and booking your first hourly session.

If you will want to continue at this stage you can then pay to continue adventure as Alyx or you can pay our standard hourly price.

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