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Team members reviews – Saul reviews SuperhotVR

Team member reviews - Saul review SuperhotVR

When I am at VR Here my favourite game and one I will recommend to everyone is SuperHOT VR. I was first a fan of the original SuperHOT and then it’s sequel SuperHOT Mind Control Delete so when I got the opportunity to play the VR version I knew I had to try it. If you like Pistol Whip this will be another great game for you.


SuperHOT is set apart with its unique mechanic of “Time Only Moves When You Move” which basically means as it sounds, when you’re not moving time comes nearly to a halt, allowing you stop, take a breather, check your surroundings and plan your next move, then when you start moving, time starts with you.


This game is a winner of multiple awards including IGN’s Best VR Game in 2017 and quite rightly so, if you want a truly immersive experience where you feel like you are playing as Neo in the Matrix, dodging bullets, catching weapons midair, slicing bullets and just destroying all enemies in your path, then look no further.

Feel like being a ninja? Then pick up your shuriken and slice and throw to your heart’s content, just make sure to check your surroundings at all times as who knows when a pesky enemy will appear, they will try to shoot and punch you, but it’s fine, you can move yourself out of the way of fists and bullets and look pretty cool whilst doing it!


The game features a minimalistic art and music style, yet the graphics stand out for that very reason, as it’s clear what each thing is in the scene, white colours being the environment, black colours being weapons and objects and red being your crystal foes, which make a fantastic sound when you smash them.


Ending there, be sure to try out the different game modes. My personal favourite weapon is the knife, as seeing a bullet get sliced in half is so satisfying, so hop into Endless mode, grab a knife and get destroyed!

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