BlockBustersVR · VR-HERE


A puzzle VR game inspired by classic spatial manipulation games. Built by VR-Here experience centre as a relatable, simple, and satisfying introduction to VR gaming. Crafted for first time players and non-gamers in mind. If you have family members or friends who are not super into PC gaming, and you want to introduce them to VR with a nostalgic experience, then this game is definitely a good start.

There are 3 game modes:

Casual mode – single player.

Playing for the highest score, the timer on point pickup and placement provides a sense of urgency as you complete lines, with additional bonuses for extra line completion. You start with 3 lives and the game finishes as you lose the last life.

Workout mode- single player

Play for the highest score and highest calorie count. Blocks spawn in 4 different locations forcing players to jump, stretch, and crouch; calorie consumption is estimated based on those movements.

(Based on the average person’s calorie burn for each movement).


Two-player LAN mode for that magic “see your friend in VR moment.

You can aim to have a higher score by blocking your partner, or you can work together to complete multiple lines for bonus perks and extra lives!

Game rules:

Place shape inside the frame and try to complete a horizontal line.

Players must react quickly as the time they have to select their block and place it within the frame is limited. Not reacting quickly enough will cost you a life!

Each cube that makes up a placed shape counts as one point. 

Cube points are only awarded on line completion.

Completing a single line provides a 2x point multiplier.

Completing two lines simultaneously provides a 4x point multiplier and a bonus 2-cube block 

Completing three lines at the same time provides a 6x point multiplier and a bonus 1-cube block.

Completing four lines provides an 8x point multiplier and replenishes 1 life.

Key features:

3 game modes – casual, workout and versus

Local multiplayer

Point counter

Calorie counter 

5 music tracks made specifically for this game

Made for VR experience centers, with ease of onboarding and casual fun as the key objectives