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A puzzle VR game inspired by classic spatial manipulation games. Built by VR-Here experience centre as a relatable, simple, and satisfying introduction to VR gaming. Crafted for first time players and non-gamers in mind. If you have family members or friends who are not super into PC gaming, and you want to introduce them to VR with a nostalgic experience, then this game is definitely a good start.

There are 3 game modes:

Casual mode – single player.

Playing for the highest score, the timer on point pickup and placement provides a sense of urgency as you complete lines, with additional bonuses for extra line completion. You start with 3 lives and the game finishes as you lose the last life.

Workout mode- single player

Play for the highest score and highest calorie count. Blocks spawn in 4 different locations forcing players to jump, stretch, and crouch; calorie consumption is estimated based on those movements.

(Based on the average person’s calorie burn for each movement).


Two-player LAN mode for that magic “see your friend in VR moment.

You can aim to have a higher score by blocking your partner, or you can work together to complete multiple lines for bonus perks and extra lives!

Game rules:

Place shape inside the frame and try to complete a horizontal line.

Players must react quickly as the time they have to select their block and place it within the frame is limited. Not reacting quickly enough will cost you a life!

Each cube that makes up a placed shape counts as one point. 

Cube points are only awarded on line completion.

Completing a single line provides a 2x point multiplier.

Completing two lines simultaneously provides a 4x point multiplier and a bonus 2-cube block 

Completing three lines at the same time provides a 6x point multiplier and a bonus 1-cube block.

Completing four lines provides an 8x point multiplier and replenishes 1 life.

Key features:

3 game modes – casual, workout and versus

Local multiplayer

Point counter

Calorie counter 

5 music tracks made specifically for this game

Made for VR experience centers, with ease of onboarding and casual fun as the key objectives

About Us
VR-HERE – first dedicated Virtual Reality experience centre in the United Kingdom, with immaculate 5-star review records
31 Paul St, Liverpool L3 6DX
  • star ratingWe found VR Here on trip advisor while we were looking for things to do around tje Merseyside area for half term. Our son (nearly 10) said it looked like something he wanted to do and after reading great reviews, we booked our sessions. We...More

    JO C
    November 1, 2019
  • star ratingMy parents and I visited VR Here in Liverpool and I was blown away by it! Four different booths offer plenty of space for the experience. Matt, who was on hand that day, was great (Mum and Dad enjoyed the coffee). Considering the fact I...More

    avatar thumb Charlotte P
    May 27, 2019
  • star ratingThis was a fantastic family activity. The facilities were clean and well maintained and Keir, the member of staff looking after us, was really great. He had lots of patience and was really helpful.
    We will definitely come again. We will probably book some birthday parties here too. Great activity for adults and children.

    August 19, 2020
  • star ratingOur 10 yo had been before, however it was the 8yo first time. Ruby was helpful amd patient explaining the basics. We booked in for an hour and they spent a mixture of playing separately and together. Glad we paid for sn hour's session as the time flew.
    Great mix of games, boys particularly liked Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, Beat Saber.
    The whole family couldn't resist paying extra to use the pods and experience a virtual rollercoaster ride and a Stars Wars style experience.
    Stsff were really friendly and clearly love working there! We will be returning.

    September 19, 2020
  • star ratingExcellent facility, took my son and his friends for an hour. This has been our 3rd visit and will definitely be going again.

    January 8, 2023

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