VR Club

VR Club at VR-HERE  is designed for experienced VR users or customers who been with us couple of times already.


Rules of VR Club


1.VR Club is available during off-peak hours Tuesday to Friday after 8 pm till 10 pm

2.A session can be booked for 2 rooms minimum and for a minimum length of 1 hour.  1 hour of club VR costs £10 per room.

3.VR club members would be able to choose their own experiences and play games unassisted (other than in case equipment/software malfunction where staff will be able to assist)

4.VR club members can bring in their own games if they so desire, we would allow them to log in using their Steam login and play those games.

5.Sessions have to be booked in advance (calendar at the bottom of the page)

6.Our standard terms and conditions apply (below) 


Free lockers and free filtered water are available. If staff have a time they can make tea or coffee too.

Cans of fizzy drinks cost 80p.

Free parking is available.




By making the booking You accept to abide by those rules, please read to avoid disappointment!

Terms of use.

1. Users agree to conform with Health declaration before session starts
2. We might occasionally record players during their sessions,
by making the booking You give us the right to use this footage in our social media profile.
3. Refunds for cancellations can only be provided if canceled within 24 hours before session starts
4. Bookings do not guarantee that space would be available – in case of unforeseen
circumstances (ie equipment malfunction, electricity failure) when booking can not be
honored then a full refund will be provided or alternative time slot can be booked.
5. We reserve the right to refuse to serve if under customer is an influence of drugs or alcohol.
6. We reserve the right to refuse to serve abusive or rude customers, our staff well-being
is our priority. Abusive behaviour towards staff and other customers will be reported to
7. In case of causing intentional damage to our equipment we reserve the right to report
offenders to police.
8. Discounts provided for social media shares are one time only and have to be
confirmed by looking at customer social media profile.
9. Due to equipment size, we only allow children older than 8 years old to use our rooms.
Children have to be supervised by parents at all times.
10. It is parent responsibility to ensure child is not accessing content which is not suitable
for child age. We are available for advice as to what content is right for which age

We aim to resolve any issues for customers on the spot. If we have left You in any way
not fully satisfied with service please let us now by email on
We will reply to all emails within 5 working days.